Eyelash Extensions

Finally years of searching for a way to make your lashes thicker, longer and more luxurious WITHOUT mascara is now possible. You will be thrilled that now you can just bounce out of bed, use a little liner or shadow and your good to go!
No more smearing, flaking or running mascara to worry about. All you have to do it brush your lashes in the morning and head out the door.
There are many products on the market that all make claim to be the best, but in reality it is the Eyelash Extensionist skills that truly make the difference. There are many different types of glues and sealers that are available. Lash Extensions are carefully applied to each individual natural lash achieving a fuller more dramatic look. The extensions last the life cycle of the natural lash which can range to a few days to a few months-depending on the growth/resting state of the natural lash at time of extension. Generally fills are done every 3-4 weeks depending on how quickly your natural lashes grow. At that point new extensions are added, while some of the older ones will be removed and replaced. This ensures that you always have a fresh look.
Our technique and lashes do not weigh down the natural lashes, and our glues range from extremely temporary (a few days for temporary clusters) to the best available (1 month for semi-permanent extensions). Our glue is as fume free as possible and causes very little eye irritation, unlike many of our competitors. Our glue is a clear color so brush out on your new lash extensions is easy, and when properly taken care of there is minimal clumping. Therefore, your can easily participate in all of your normal activities with no worries.
Give yourself a special treat and try on a set of gorgeous Lash Extensions, and see what all the talk is about. But BEWARE – They are addicting. Once you experience them you will never want to go back to mascara again!


Getting your lashes done professionally



Mind N Soul Spa is using the single lashes and not the clusters. These single lashes have been applied 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 onto a natural lash using a tiny amount of glue.
Professionally done lashes can last up to 4-6 weeks depending on how you look after them, this means no tugging and pulling at them whatsoever and brushing them gently, regularly. There is no pain involved with the application, it’s actually quite relaxing and they can take around 2-3 hours for a full set depending on how many natural lashes you have. You can have different curls, I highly recommend a ‘C’ or ‘D’ curl which is curlier and ‘B’ which make your eyelashes look really natural. Infills are available, they’re basically just touch ups if you have a few dropped off.

What is the Difference Between Mink (synthetic lashes) and natural Mink Eyelashes? Real Mink eyelash extensions are created from the fur of Siberian minks. Because it’s a natural product, it results in a more natural look for the individual wearing them. The natural microfibers of mink hair are not fully replicable by synthetic extension manufacturers.

Our Spa uses only Silk Mink (synthetic) eyelashes. We do not support killing animals to obtain real Mink eyelashes.


Mind N Soul Spa offers 2 different types of application: 

1.      Natural   (1:1)
  – Full Set –         $150    
      Fills –                  $60
  – Partial Set –  $90
      Fills –                  $45

2.     Volume (2D or 3D)
  – Full Set –         $180-$250      
Fills                  $100 and up


Important extension care

How long your extensions last depends on how you care for them, here is a little list on do’s and don’t’s:

– Be aware that you have lash extensions, don’t rub your eye aggressively or pull at your lashes. This not only loosens the glue but it also potentially damages your natural lashes too.

– Brush them regularly with lash brush

– Use a special oil free eye make-up remover for lash extensions (use only water based makeup remover)

– Wait for the lashes to drop off naturally and then give your lashes a break from any extensions.

– Don’t Sleep Face Down ( For those who naturally do not sleep face down and find it quite uncomfortable to do so, this might seem like an obvious choice. However there are many people who do sleep face down – yes, with nose crushed and cheeks sunk into the pillow. Doing so will also crush and make your lash extensions go out of shape,for longevity of your lash extensions, try to minimize sleeping face down )

– Goodbye Mascara (Mascara is a definite no-go. Mascara, even if stated water-soluble, contains oils and waxes that will require a lot of splashing of water to wash it all off, if not oil-based makeup removal. Eyelash extensions should not come in contact with oil as it will melt the glue. Besides, you don’t need to apply mascara if you’ve lash extensions on)

– Be Gentle During Makeup Removal (If you’ve always been gentle during eye makeup removal, you can afford to be even gentler)

– Blow Dry (This is optional – with blow-drying your hair to set it in place, use a blow dryer to fan your lashes back in place too. You can blow them for 10 seconds each eye. Use the cool setting and place it at a comfortable distance from the lashes)